[S4/E30] Prost Brewing

Season 4, Episode 30 – This week, 4B listener Nick Krenz makes our Prost dreams come true.

The time has finally come. We’re finally here, all thanks to Four Brewers listener Nick Krenz. This week, we finally have Prost Brewing beers on the show. What a glorious day!

Prost Brewing
Prost Brewing

Ok, that was a tad hyperbolic. But, we are extremely excited to finally have some of the best German-style beers made in America on the show, from none other than Prost Brewing out of Denver, Colorado.

As we mentioned, the beers this week were provided to us by 4B listener Nick Krenz. After he heard us gushing about Prost and wishing that we could get our hands on their beers, Nick emailed us and offered to send some of their beers our way. Nick didn’t disappoint, either…

We can’t recommend Prost Brewing enough. If they’re available in your local market or if you’re ever in the Denver area, do yourself a favor and stop in for a litre or two…or, three…

Photos from New Brew Thursday’s visit to Prost Brewing: Prost Brewing on Flickr


Watch the unedited live stream recording:

Beers from this week’s episode:
Prost Brewing – Pils
Prost Brewing – Kolsch
Prost Brewing – Helles
Prost Brewing – Weissbier
Prost Brewing – Dunkel
Prost Brewing – Altbier
Prost Brewing – Whiskey Barrel Aged Doppelbock

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