[S4/E19] Hostile Offshoot Beers

Season 4, Episode 19 – Every beer on the show this week came from a can, and boy are they good.

Canned IPA has really taken off here in southern California. One could reasonably say that nearly every brewery has hopped on the Hazy IPA train (pun intended), which in our opinion, is great. This week, we’ve got a mix of New England-inspired IPA, some IPA from The Bruery (yes, you read that correctly), and some tart fruit whalez from Bottle Logic Brewing and Keymaster Games.

Beers from Offshoot Beer Co, The Alchemist, and Bottle Logic Brewing
Beers from Offshoot Beer Co, The Alchemist, and Bottle Logic Brewing

I (John) think I speak for the rest of the guys when I say that IPA from The Bruery has been a long time coming. They’ve resisted the SoCal IPA craze since their opening in 2008, yet produced one of the best India Pale Lagers in the area, Humulus Lager, which was only on draft at the tasting room in Placentia, California. It’s like they were teasing their customers with this beer. Humulus Lager was proof that The Bruery could brew a great IPA, er, IPL, while maintaining their Belgian inspired beer credibility. Well, The Bruery has finally brewed IPA, but they couldn’t brew it under the name of The Bruery (they said they’d NEVER brew an IPA…), so they made a new brand just for these styles of beer and named it Offshoot Beer Co..

Along with Offshoot Brewing Co. beers, we’re drinking some freshies from Bottle Logic Brewing, as well as a beer from The Alchemist by way of 4B listener Robert Perry.


Want to watch the unedited, live video recording of this episode? Check it out:

Beers from this week’s episode:
The Alchemist – Farmer’s Daughter
Offshoot Beer Co. – Fashionably Late
Offshoot Beer Co. – Better Late Than Never
Bottle Logic Brewing – Hostile Intent
Bottle Logic Brewing – Down Down

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