[S4/E24] Beer Camp Across The World

Season 4, Episode 24 – This week, we’re exploring the newest Sierra Nevada Collaboration twelve pack.

It’s that special time of year when Sierra Nevada Brewing Company calls forth the best brewers in the land to brew a mixed twelve pack of collaboration beers.

This week, we’re drinking those beers.

Beer Camp Across The World Twelve Pack
Beer Camp Across The World Twelve Pack

If you’ve been listening to Four Brewers for a while, you’ll know that we have a love/hate relationship when it comes to Sierra Nevada beers. This doesn’t mean we think they brew bad beer, but they tend miss the mark more than a brewery of their stature should. The Beer Camp mixed packs have always been a sore spot with us, even though our own Greg Nagel attended Beer Camp in 2013! We love Sierra Nevada! What we’re doing is simply giving valid criticism because we know Sierra Nevada can innovate and evolve without compromising flavor and quality.

This year’s Beer Camp Across The World mixed twelve-pack hit shelves in the Southern California market last week. Keeping with tradition, we picked it up, hoping this year’s beers wouldn’t be a complete dumpster fire (ok, hyperbole–past beers in the mixed pack weren’t really that bad, but we were usually really disappointed), and guess what? This year’s variety pack is pretty damn good! How rad is that?!

We here at Four Brewers are happy to announce that we highly recommend the 2017 Beer Camp Across The World variety/mixed/collaboration twelve pack. Want to know which beers stood out to us the most? Listen to this week’s episode!


Want to watch the unedited, live video recording of this episode? Check it out:

Beers from this week’s episode:
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – Ginger Lager (2017)
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – Dry-Hopped Berliner-Style Weisse (2017)
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – Dunkleweisse (2017)
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – Atlantic-Style Vintage Ale (2017)
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – Thai-Style Iced Tea (2017)
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – Raspberry Sundae (2017)
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – White IPA (w /Yuzu) (2017)
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – Hoppy Belgian-Style Golden Ale (2017)
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – East Meets West IPA (2017)
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – West Coast-Style DIPA (2017)
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – Campout Porter (2017)
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – Dry-Hopped Barleywine Style Ale (2017)

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