[S4/E22] Amber Waves of Greg

Season 4, Episode 22 – This week we’re drinking beers from California’s Antelope Valley region.

This week, we’re finishing up the bombastic box of brew from 4B listener and super-fan, Phil Lorenzini.

Beers from Lucky Luke, Transplants, and Brävery.
Beers from Lucky Luke, Transplants, and Brävery.

Every beer and brewery on the show this week are new to the podcast, all making their first official appearance on the show this week. But, while they’re new to us, they are all fairly established Los Angeles County breweries. We’ve said this before, but it’s a great problem to have when there is so much local craft beer to choose from that it takes so long to get to all of them.

Cheers again to Phil for the beers and continued support of the podcast. You’re still the man now, dawg!


Want to watch the unedited, live video recording of this episode? Check it out:

Beers from this week’s episode:
Transplants Brewing Company – Filbert
Lucky Luke Brewing Co – The Actuary
Brävery Brewing – Korova Sweet Stout
Brävery Brewing – King Korova
Brävery Brewing – The Old Rat

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