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[S4/E40] Gunwhale Ales, Brah!

Season 4, Episode 40 – This week on the show, we’re harpooning some whales with Gunwhale Ales.

Thar she blows, brah! This week on the show, we’re gettin’ down with some gnarly brews from Orange County’s Gunwhale Ales!

Ok, I’ll spare you the poor impersonation of a mid-1980’s surfer. Gunwhale Ales is fairly new to Orange County craft beer scene, but they’re already making some bodacious waves—sorry. I said I would stop. Ok. Gunwhale Ales has been open less than a year, and they’re already making a splash—damnit. Ok. Gunwhale Ales is making some rad beer…ugh. I give up.

Gunwhale Ales

The beers on the show this week were graciously provided by Gunwhale Ales. Without a doubt, we can safely and honestly say that Gunwhale Ales is a brewery to keep your eye on. Every beer on this week’s episode was fantastic and impressive. There’s also a nice variety of styles with the beers they provided to us, ranging from a farro saison to a wild IPA, and, of course, some of that haze, brah!


Episode Chapters:
00:00:00: Support The Show On Patreon!
00:00:09: Theme Music
00:00:20: Begin Show
00:01:04: Gunwhale Ales
00:03:52: Old Rackatee – Gunwhale Ales
00:10:36: Rodeo Flip – Gunwhale Ales
00:17:47: Hawaiian Sling – Gunwhale Ales
00:22:08: Pau Brah! – Gunwhale Ales
00:26:02: Cockcrow – Gunwhale Ales
00:33:27: Hazy Saison?!
00:38:12: Wrap Up
00:39:39: Four Brewers On YouTube!

Beers from this week’s episode:
Old Rackatee – Gunwhale Ales
Rodeo Flip – Gunwhale Ales
Hawaiian Sling – Gunwhale Ales
Pau Brah! – Gunwhale Ales
Cockcrow – Gunwhale Ales

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[S4/E23] Beers From Jason’s Cellar

Season 4, Episode 23 – This week, Jason’s cup runeth over…

Sometimes, you just need to clear out the cellar and make room for more whalez. This week, Jason does just that.

Jason's Cleaning Out the Closet
Jason’s Cleaning Out the Closet

One of the best things about having a beer cellar is when you need to clear it out to make room for more new and exciting craft beers. More often than not, the beers that are selected for clearing are usually ready for drinking, but sometimes, they’re past their prime, or just plain awful. Again, it’s fun, right?! Right!


Want to watch the unedited, live video recording of this episode? Check it out:

Beers from this week’s episode:
Sanctum Brewing Co. – Fun Solar
Firestone Walker Brewing Company – La Piccola Virtuosa
Firestone Walker Brewing Company – La Piccola Pepe Di Sichuan
Hair of the Dog Brewing Company – Adam Batch #90
Highland Park Brewery – Cold Box Cool Ship
Monkish Brewing Co. – Lost Cat
Founders Brewing Co. – Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS) (2017)

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Live Video Recording: Session 56, Episode 3

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