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[S4/E45] San Diego Day Drinking

Season 4, Episode 45 – This week, we’re coming to you yet again from an Airbnb, but this time, we’re in San Diego for the kickoff of San Diego Beer Week!

It’s officially San Diego Beer Week! That’s right–it’s that special time of year where San Diego’s best and brightest breweries gather together for festivities and fun for the annual San Diego Brewers Guild Festival, followed by many days of San Diego beer-centric events, beer tappings, and joyous celebration of San Diego beer.

Beers from Mikkeller San Diego and North Park Beer Co

We’re joined this week by former guest and friend of the show, Daniel Cady, Barrel Wrangler and brewer at Mikkeller San Diego. In addition to the tasty brews that Daniel brought over to our epic San Diego Airbnb rental, we’re drinking beers from one of San Diego’s newest breweries, North Park Beer Co!

Cheers to SD Beer Week!


Episode Chapters:
00:00:00: Support The Show On Patreon!
00:00:09: Begin Show
00:04:01: Murk Tyson – Mikkeller Brewing San Diego
00:14:09: Nurple – Mikkeller Brewing San Diego
00:24:10: Big, Dark, And Dangerous – Mikkeller Brewing San Diego
00:34:04: North Park Beer Co
00:34:56: Covington Cream Ale – North Park Beer Company
00:42:57: Hop-Fu! – North Park Beer Company
00:45:09: Not An IPA – North Park Beer Company
00:47:54: Four Brewers On The YouTubez!

Beers from this week’s episode:
Murk Tyson – Mikkeller Brewing San Diego
Nurple – Mikkeller Brewing San Diego
Big, Dark, And Dangerous – Mikkeller Brewing San Diego
Covington Cream Ale – North Park Beer Company
Hop-Fu! – North Park Beer Company
Not An IPA – North Park Beer Company

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[S2/E2] Miracle Berry Flavor Trippin’

Season 2, Episode 2 This week, we’re altering our palates and sacrificing some great beers in the process, all in the name of fun!

[Player above not working? Download here.]

This week, we’re altering our palates, be it for good or bad, to experience what’s like to taste different styles of beer after eating “Miracle Berries”. Miracle Berries are known for their ability to basically make things that are bitter taste sweet, and things that are sour to tastes even sweeter than if it were bitter. They come from West Africa, and Jason and Greg got some as part of Cards Against Humanity’s “12 Days of Holiday Bullshit” promotion.

Flavor Trippin'...
Flavor Trippin’… (Blood Orange Gose not pictured)

Without giving too much away in the blog post, the results were quite interesting. John was not a fan of this little experiment going into it, simply because he thought it was a waste of time and (great) beer. But we all know that John can be a bit of a party-pooper at times…

Miracle Berry Pamphlet from CAH
Miracle Berry Pamphlet from CAH

We try a variety of different beers from sour, to bitter, to big and rich. Here’s a list of the beers that we’re tasted with the Miracle Berries:

    – Brouwerij Rodenbach –Rodenbach
    – The Bruery – Tart of Darkness
    – Anderson Valley Brewing Company – Blood Orange Gose
    – Stone Brewing Co. – Ruination Double IPA
    – The Bruery – Grey Monday

Being that this was the third show of session 11’s recording session, the usual “third show syndrome” antics kick in, and fun is had by all…except John, of course.

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Links to things from this week’s episode:
S2/E2 Show Outline
CAH 12 Days of Bullshit


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