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Top 10 List at the 2017 SDBW VIP Takeover (That aren’t IPA)

My last SDBW Guild Fest I attended was 2013

As an outsider to San Diego, I don’t always have the wherewithal to marinate myself in the brewery du jour inside the 150ish brewery-thick county. Luckily there are several resources I dive into before waving hand at non-jiggly nuclear boobies and socal’s spectacular coastline. There’s The West Coaster (which interviewed me in their SDBW 2013 issue), SD Beer Talk Radio Podcast (which I support on Patreon), The Full Pint (click the sidebar —>), and of course, my prized San Diego beer docent: Erin Hill.

Along with Matt Olesh, I’m not sure the good people of San Diego know that Erin Hill is craft beer royalty up here in Orange County. Her penchant for sarcasm, utter lack of bullshit, and switchblade-like middle finger is second to none…but not only that, we have the same taste in beer. When I did a travel-guide to San Diego for, she sent me to breweries like Little Miss, where I recall playing darts over various clean smash beers. She sent me to Small Bar for brunch where I sat next to the jukebox and annoyed everyone’s earholes for a solid hour over eggs and bloody mary’s. She’s like my own personal cicerone.

Erin Hill spinning pearls at The Bruery’s Black Tuesday party, 2013.

When it comes to SDBW VIP Takeover, I was as shocked as anyone there were only 31 IPAs listed. What the hell can a guy do with only 31 IPAs? So I asked Erin, “what should be my top ten list of beers to try that aren’t IPA?” And she responded:

  1. Eppig – Moment of Weakness
  2. Wild Barrel – SD Vice w/pink guava Berliner
  3. Booze Bros. – Brothers Keeper Berry Patch BBA sour ale
  4. Gordon Biersch – Marzen
  5. Pizza Port- Bacon & Eggs
  6. Rock Bottom La Jolla – Oat to Jim: NBA Imperial Oatmeal Stout
  7. North Park – Mocha Massage
  8. Monkey Paw – Back in the ESSA
  9. 3 Punk – Brick Top w/Nomad Coffee English Brown
  10.  Alesmith – Hawaiian Speedway

And so, my list is born. Catch John Holzer and I at the Friday VIP takeover! Saturday we’ll be recording a session with Jason as well at the big SDBW festival. Stop by and say hi! Matt can’t make it. Oh goddamn.

Tickets and stuff here:

-Greg @ocbeerblog/@fourbrewersshow

[S3/E29] Brunching at Mikkeller Brewing, San Diego

Season 3, Episode 29 – This week on the show, we’re hanging out at Mikkeller Brewing Company in San Diego, California with Head Brewer Bill Batten and Barrel whisperer Daniel Cady.

World renowned gypsy brewer, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, recently opened a new brewery right here in the United States. Mikkeller is probably one of the best-known gypsy breweries out there, brewing stellar barrel-aged stouts, wild ales, IPA, and more. Opening a permanent brewery in SoCal is pretty huge, not only for Mikeller Brewing Company, but also for beer geeks in the United States.

Mikkeller Brewing Company, San Diego
Mikkeller Brewing Company, San Diego

Opening a brewery in California is no easy task, which is why Mikkel decided to join forces with San Diego’s AleSmith Brewing Company. In fact, Mikkeller Brewing Company is actually in AleSmith’s former brewery, and they even retained AleSmith’s former Head Brewer, Bill Batten. (AleSmith recently opened a brand new brewery minutes from Mikkeller Brewing, so you should check that out, too).

Greg, Jason and Matt with Bill Batten and Daniel Cady (l to r).
Greg, Jason and Matt with Bill Batten and Daniel Cady (l to r).

Bill and Daniel sat down with us to talk about the origins of Mikkeller Brewing San Diego and shared some of the freshest Mikkeller beer we’ve every had, brewed right here in California.

Needless to say, but expect exciting things from Mikkeller Brewing in San Diego. The beers we had on the show were quite delicious, and the brewery has been open for only three months as of the recording of this podcast. We’re pretty excited for Mikkeller Brewing Company San Diego, and you should be, too.

More photos from our visit to Mikkeller Brewing Company, San Diego can be seen here.


Beers from this week’s episode:
Mikkeller Brewing San Diego – Beer Geek Breakfast
Mikkeller Brewing San Diego – California Dream
Mikkeller Brewing San Diego – Berliner Weisse
Mikkeller Brewing San Diego – Beer Geek Brunch With Single Coffee
Mikkeller Brewing San Diego – Amøbe

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